Executables, source code, and version history are available on the release page of Tursi's GitHub repository. Download the latest jar file. If you have troubles running the jar file please have a look at the readme file.


Some commented, simple tm-files.

Read them from 0 to 4 and you will be able to write your own basic tm-files and execute them in no time (given, that you know what a turing machine is and how it works). Various tm-files 2.9 kB

Language definition for GTKSourceView (used by GEdit).

GEdit highlights the syntax of tm-files, if this file is copied to '/usr/share/gtksourceview-2.0/language-specs/tm.lang'. You may have to use sudo to do so.

Right-click and choose 'save' to download this file.

tm.lang Language definition for GTKSourceView 1.5 kB